Friday, January 13, 2006

Metro Schools holds calendar forum

by Donald Sensing | Link to this post

Like in Williamson County, Metro Nashville Public Schools's administration is pushing hard for a balanced calendar. Their school board will vote next month whether to implement the calendar beginning with the 2007-2008 school year (MNPS sets school calendars a year farther ahead than Williamson County)

As we have near-endlessly repeated, the WC school board will vote on the calendar next week.

Unlike Williamson County, the MNPS administration is holding public hearings about the proposed calendar - but only two (an absurdly low number). Also unlike Williamson County, the MNPS administration prepared both a traditional calendar and a balanced calendar and is presenting both to audiences at the forums.

One of our committee members attended Metro's first public forum last night at Hillsboro HS in Green Hills. During the hour-plus of Q&A from attendees, not one spoke in favor of the proposed calendar. See NewsChannel 5's coverage, with video: "Many Parents Are Opposed To Balanced Calender."


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