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Williamson County Schools Calendar
  • The Legislative Solution to Calendar Excesses
    This article will bring you up to date on some exciting new developments in the battle against early school start dates. First, here is a quiz about the history of education. Name a discredited educational fad:A. Open multi-class classrooms.B. Whole-language.C. "Modern" Math.D. Early August school start dates.E. All of the above. The correct answer is E. Which of the following discredited

  • Greg Weaver Named President of CCC
    The Citizens Calendar Committee is pleased to announce the promotion of board member Greg Weaver to the position of President. Over the past several months CCC has come to understand that an important component to finding a more permanent solution to the ongoing fight to halt School Boards from abusing school calendars is to expand our focus beyond Williamson County. Greg has proven to be a

  • WCS Calendar Update
    Q: Where have you guys been?A: Since the “balanced” calendar was defeated for the 2006-07, and we thought the 2007-08 calendar was pretty much resolved, we’ve been making up for all the time we lost with our “real” jobs and responsibilities. However, we have continued to monitor the ongoing calendar discussions at School Board meetings and work sessions.Q: What will the 2006-07 calendar look like

  • More real life stories
    In a continued effort to illustrate the "real life" impact that a "balanced" calendar has on families, we present the following from Susan Banner, a Williamson County parent:The “balanced” (year round) school calendar negatively affects families in numerous ways. For my family, these are the two most pressing reasons:• Relentless Heat – On August 18, 2005 my daughter was one of five FHS band

  • The 2007-2008 Calendar
    We've removed all draft calendars from the web site since they were focused on the 2006-2007 school year. That year's calendar was fixed at last month's School Board meeting. But the Board began considering the 2007-2008 school year at last night's working session. They gave guidance to Dr. David Heath, WCS deputy director and member of the WCS calendar committee. Just as we suspected, "calendar

  • Why act on bad information?
    Keeping in mind what has been said by various School Board members in the press, Board meetings and conversations with their constituents, the Citizens Calendar Committee e-mailed the following letter to all 12 Board members today. We refer in it to Dr. David Carleton's excellent analysis of the flaws of the phone survey which was conducted last December. Dr. Carleton is a professor of Political

  • Wear red again this Thusday
    This is a big week! The School Board will meet for a work session, THIS Thursday, Feb. 9 at 6:30 p.m. and the 2007-2008 calendar is definitely on the agenda.Please come to the work session wearing red and "No Balance" buttons. We'll have more buttons available at the door.The work session will take place in the County Administrative Complex in the Carolyn Campbell room, not the auditorium where

  • Traditional calendar is NOT a "farm calendar"
    In an article about school calendars in the January 31 Tennessean, reporter Diane Long repeated a myth that we have often heard from the foes of the traditional school calendar. The change [to a balanced calendar] would drop the traditional long stretch of summer vacation, a throwback to the days when children helped their families on the farm. The Tennessean made the same error on December 17

  • Have you signed up for our newsletter?
    If you haven't already signed up for the Citizens Calendar Committee Newsletter, you can do so by clicking here.The Newsletter was created to help communicate with a rapidly expanding membership. Newsletters will be sent out periodically to keep people informed about new developments, upcoming meetings, and calendar information.The Newsletter will also include perspectives from parents and

  • Real life stories
    Here's a "real life" example of how a year-round calendar would have a negative impact on a students who use the summer months for life-building activities. This letter has been sent to Becky Sharber and Pat Anderson—the Hodgson's School Board representative from the 8th district. This letter is reprinted with their premission.(SPECIAL NOTE: Although the year-round calendar was rejected for the

  • Save Our Summers meme spreads
    According to the Boston Globe, there is a growing trend of "Parents demanding that school be out for summer." MIAMI -- The pressures of federally mandated exams have pushed public schools here and in several other states to begin classes weeks earlier than usual to squeeze in more days of instruction before the critical tests, sometimes striking August entirely from vacation calendars and

  • Balanced calendar is not a dead issue
    Some of the feedback we have gotten from supporters in recent days indicates that many of those who opposed the balanced calendar with is for the last couple of months think that the calendar is a now dead issue and the campaign is now ended. After all, the School Board unanimously voted on Jan. 17 to adopt a traditional calendar for 2006-2007, didn't it?Yes, it did. But the balanced calendar

  • All-new Citizens Calendar Committee
    In a little more than two weeks the School Board will meet for a work session at which time they will begin their first discussions about the make-up of the 2007-2008 calendar. Once again, ALL options are on the table for the next calendar . . .including a full-blown year-round calendar.Due to our ever-growing membership and the immediacy of this next battle, the Citizens Calendar Committee has

  • Why CCC will continue to exist
    The front page of the today’s (January 19) Williamson A.M. is a perfect illustration of why the Citizens Calendar Committee will meet this weekend to formalize its structure as an ongoing entity and develop its goals and strategies for the coming months—years if need be.Everybody who saw the Tuesday night School Board meeting—either in person or on channel 3—saw a “Sea of Red,” as people who

  • CCC spokesman's comment to School Board last night
    Here are the remarks made last night to the Williamson COunty School Board by Citizens Calendar Committee member Dr. Greg Weaver. Good evening. My name is Greg Weaver. I am a resident of the second educational district of southern Williamson County and an Independence High School parent. I am speaking tonight on behalf of the Citizens Calendar Committee, a grassroots organization dedicated to

  • Terry Leve's remarks to the board
    Terry Leve is a gentleman we met just this past Thursday evening at an impromptu meeting at Ravenswood High School. Following is the excellent speech he gave to the School Board during the "Public comments" portion of the School Board meeting Tuesday night. Esteemed Members of the School Board:As a parent of children at Kenrose, Woodland and Ravenwood, it is my firm opinion that abandoning a

  • The Tennessean's coverage
    The Tennessean's article about last night's Board meeting is here.The article's subhead reads, "After months of debate, board passes a more traditional schedule." Sorry, no. There has not been "months" of debate. The public was shut out of the process; there would have been no debate about the issue at all unless parents and other residents had dynamically inserted themselves into the process.

  • Discussion and THE VOTE
    Board member Sina Miller was absentDr. Sharber:A new calendar from the calendar committee starts on Aug. 14 and differs only in that there is a three-day fall break rather than two days, and it is in the beginning of a week rather than the end of the week. This may help keep football games atendance up.Board member Bill Peach:Questions about election days and students in the building.Dr.Sharber:

  • Public commentary
    First of four speakers of the public is Terry Leve, speaking in favor of keeping the traditional calendar. Expressing concerns about how a shortened summer would minimize summer enrichment for the school children. Also less summer employment for teachers and for kids. All respondents in the phone survey in grades 6-12 were strongly in favor of traditional calendar.Next is Willie Dickerson,

  • The meeting is under way
    In case you did not know, the School Board meeting is broadcast live on Cable 3. It has just started.

  • The latest
    The latest is . . . there's no latest. It's as if everyone is is a holding pattern, awaiting the Board meeting tomorrow night.As we see it through our crystal ball, here the possible outcomes Tuesday night.1. The "balanced" calendar is voted in as proposed, starting school on July 24.2. A traditional calendar is voted in, with a start date no earlier than Aug. 14.3. A "compromise" calendar is

  • Metro Schools holds calendar forum
    Like in Williamson County, Metro Nashville Public Schools's administration is pushing hard for a balanced calendar. Their school board will vote next month whether to implement the calendar beginning with the 2007-2008 school year (MNPS sets school calendars a year farther ahead than Williamson County)As we have near-endlessly repeated, the WC school board will vote on the calendar next

  • Ravenwood Parents’ Forum a Great Success
    A report by Becky Pair, a member of the steering comittee of the Citizens Calendar Committee. . .Thursday evening Bryce Inman, David Carlton, Chris Brooks, Carolyn Harmon, Mike Skiera and Becky Pair took to the road once again to spread the word on parents’ opposition to the proposed balanced calendar. Many thanks go to our gracious host, Ravenwood parent Susan Pitts, and Ravenwood High School.

  • Our "down to the wire" flyer
    Only five more days until the School Board takes the calendar to decision. Please download this PDF version of our latest flyer and make as many copies as you wish to distribute. It's legal size, 8.5 X 14.

  • All options still on the table
    Bryce left this as a comment to this post, but I think it merits its own post. I've edited it a little for length. School Board members receive a packet of material several days prior to a Board meeting. This packet includes materials that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting. By now, all of the Board members should have received the materials that will be discussed at the January 17