Facts & Fiction FAQ 

For four decades, proponents of year-round or "balanced" school calendars have made claims of enormous benefits. These claims have been accepted despite countless research data to the contrary. The idea that year round school is a "trend" that everyone is going to is simply false.

This FAQ presents cited, rational answers to many of the questions that have been raised on the subject.

Doesn't the traditional calendar give kids too much free time in summer?

01/08/2006 -

Most Williamson County families spend quality time during the summer doing things that are actually educational as well as fun for their children. From sports camps, music programs, Girl and Boy Scouts to church camps, mission trips and summer jobs, today's kids are engaged with healthy learning experiences during the summer.

“Children learn many things out of school. It is absurd to suggest that children aren’t learning during the summer. It’s a different type of learning, which simply is not tested.”

--- Dr. Leo Wisebender, Los Angeles Unified School Program and Evaluation Branch

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