Facts & Fiction FAQ 

For four decades, proponents of year-round or "balanced" school calendars have made claims of enormous benefits. These claims have been accepted despite countless research data to the contrary. The idea that year round school is a "trend" that everyone is going to is simply false.

This FAQ presents cited, rational answers to many of the questions that have been raised on the subject.

Is year round school a trend with momentum?

01/08/2006 -

No. After four decades of focused effort by proponents, only 4% of public school students and 0.4% of private school students are on a "balanced" calendar. Since 1980, 95% of schools that have switched to this system have switched back to the traditional calendar. As you can see on the Summer Matters Reject List, in the 1990's alone, at least 1,000 schools switched back to a traditional school year, many of them among the 15 largest year-round school programs in the nation. The real trend is away from year round school. Additionally, in the last few years several states have enacted laws requiring public schools to start no earlier than labor day and end no later than June 1.

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