Who are we?

The grassroots Citizens Calendar Committee consists of people of Williamson County who are united to preserve educational excellence in public schools here by preserving the traditional school calendar.

Some of us have investigated the claims of non-traditional-calendar advocates for many years, including a holder of a Ph.D., a university faculty member whose academic specialty is education-policy research.

We see little doubt that the claimed benefits of balanced or year-round calendars are far outweighed by their disadvantages to students, families and much of the broader community. Hence, such calendars should not be adopted by the Williamson County School System.

The CCC is not a tightly structured organization, but an alliance of like-minded folks. We started off in November 2005 with two men and one woman. Since then we have grown so that our steering committee alone numbers almost 20. There are more than 100 others people who have allied with us across the county, and many more who use our materials and information to work to presrrve the traditional calendar.

None of us work anonymously on this issue. We are not afraid of being known for what we stand. The steering committee consists of, in alphabetical order:

David Carleton
Randy Box
Chris Brooks
Carolyn Harmon
Bryce Inman
Lisa Johnson
Jack Massari
Bob McKinney
Paula Milam
Libby Older
Becky Pair
Suzette Peyton
Alan Sielbeck
Mike Skiera
Greg Weaver
Amy Wyatt